Monday, February 17, 2014

Fagin's Hike of the Week- Triple Crown

Updated Tuesday 2-17-2014

With high avalanche danger in the mountains and some of the major passes have been closed recently we suggest these lowland hikes. Please note that these photos were taken before the recent heavy mountain snowfall. Thus the mountains now will be snow covered. Also there might have some small amounts of snow cover at top of Little Si and Rattlesnake Ledge. 


Photo of falls from over-look at Snoqualmie Falls Park/Salish Lodge

Part one of triple crown- Snoqualmie Falls Trail

Easy hike on the forest trail

Lodge and falls from Snoqualmie Falls Trail

Take break at Snoqualmie Falls Park

From Snoqualmie Falls Park

From Snoqaulmie Falls Park

Part two of triple crown- Little Si

Hike in the forest on the way up Little Si

Hike in the forest on the way up Little Si

View of Fuller Mount

View from the top

Part three of the triple crown- Rattlesnake Ledge

Mt. Si with damp fog in the valley

Rattlesnake Lake

Directions to Part 1- Snoqualmie Falls/Preston Trail:
From Seattle Drive I-90 east and get off at Preston exit and turn left. Follow this road (Preston-Fall City Rd) north and go about 3.9 miles towards Fall City and turn right on Lake Alice Road. Go 0.8 miles to parking lot for Preston-Snoqualime Trail. Hike the one way 1.9 miles to Snoqualmie Falls Viewpoint. This is a King County Park and you do not need any permits. Green Trails Map 205S

Directions To Snoqualmie Falls Park-Salish Lodge:
Take Lake Alice Rd back to Preston-Fall City Rd and turn right; go a short distance through Fall City and then turn right (east) onto Washington 202 (SE Fall City Snoqualmie Rd).  Travel east about 6 miles and the Falls is on the right. Green Trails Map 205S. No permit needed, this park is owned by Puget Sound Energy.

Directions to part 2- Little Si:
From Falls go back on Washington 202 and go east go through town of Snoqualmie.  Continue through the town of North Bend (about 5 miles). Turn left on Mt Si Road. Go less than 1/2 mile to trailhead on left.  You do need a Discover Pass for this trail. Green Trails Map 206S. Hike is a total 5 miles roundtrip with a 1200 feet gain.

Directions to part 3- Rattlesnake Ledge:
From Mt Si road turn left on North Bend Way (Washington 202) and go 1/2 mile to the first right which is 436 SE.  Follow this (about 4 miles), it will become Cedar Falls Rd SE and Rattlesnake State Park is on right.Green Trails Maps 205S. The hike to Rattlesnake Ledge is a total 4 miles roundtrip and 1160 feet gain.

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Disclaimer: There are many factors which you should consider in deciding whether to proceed with an outing, including the visible weather at the trailhead, the strength and experience of the party, snow and avalanche conditions, route conditions, etc. You are the final decision maker whether to proceed. West Coast Weather, LLC dba Washington Online Weather cannot be held liable for loss or injury arising from your decision to proceed, and expressly disclaims all liability related thereto. Redmond, Washington USA. Also, please bring map-compass and GPS to help with trail directions as our directions are our best estimate.

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