Tuesday, February 21, 2012

KUOW- Hike Dome Peak

Updated 2-21-2012
Just east of Enumclaw this road walk just has patchy snow and you can get views of Mt. Rainier. Tuesday and Wednesday will bring heavy rain to the mountains and breezy so no views of Mt. Rainier. However Thursday just slight chance of a few showers and might offer some views. Thursday is the driest day over the next several days
Photo below is just a 1/4 mile into the hike and view to the west, photo by Michael Fagin

Check out Green Trails Maps for directions. Map for this week's trip is 238. Click link below for complete list of maps.http:// http://greentrailsmaps.com/maps/index_Map_wa/

Photo below is giant golf ball or just dome??, photo by Michael Fagin
Photo below is the pleasant road walk, photo by Michael Fagin
Photo below is view of Rainier, photo by Michael Fagin
Photo below is view of Rainier at 2800 feet, photo by Dennis Long
Photo below is starting point of gated route, photo by Michael Fagin
Driving Directions: From Enumclaw drive on State Highway 410 east drive past milepost marker 37 and park on the left and look for sign that says road 6200. The start of this is before you get to the small town of Greenwater.
Trail Stats: Start at about 1500 feet and hike up to about 3000 feet with patchy snow.
Track, thanks Dennis Long
Need Hancock Permit- White River area
http:// https://hancockrecreationnw.com/
Trail stats and directions are the best estimates so please bring map and compass and or GPS for precise directions.
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Anonymous said...

I vote for giant golf ball.

Michael Fagin said...

I think that name is better

SWaterfall said...

I have been wondering about that structure for a few years. I've heard it's some kind of microwave communications station. I have never seen any comms station that was perfectly spherical though. I could understand a half sphere but what could ever need to transmit or receive in the direction of the ground?