Friday, March 2, 2018

Fagin's Hike of the Week- Fort Flagler

Update 3-1-2018

This area is east of  Port Townsend and this puts it in the rain shadow. On a clear day this hike in the state park offers  great views of Port Townsend, Olympics, and Whidbey Island.  You can hike the beach for part of it (make sure low tide) and back via the bluff.

Start of hike on the beach with  view towards Port Townsend and Fort Warden
Pile of rocks need to hike over - just before Marrowstone Point, better to do at low tide
At Point Marrowstone Point, former small beacon (called lighthouse by some) buildings now used by USGS
View from the bluff towards Whidbey Island
Driving Directions:  Starting from west side of the Hood Canal Bridge then proceed to Route 19, (Beaver Valley Road) and turn right and head north for just over 10 miles. Turn right onto State Route 116 and go east through Indian Island onto Marrowstone Island to  Fort Flagler State Park. Then find the parking lot on the northwest tip of the park.

Trail Stats: For the exact mileage there is some disagreement. Best estimate is about 6 miles roundtrip, others say close to 5 miles.   We started hike on north beach (near camp sites 97 through 116).  Hike towards the east on the beach go about 1.5 miles to Marrowstone Point. There have been some recent slides from the cliff above so best to hike this at low tide. You will pass some buildings (former light beacon-or lighthouse ) at the Point and you will find a paved road. Walk up the paved road and then at the top of the hill you will find a road)and hike west. This road will become a dirt road and you will pass some historic "Batteries."   Eventfully you will hook up to the Bluff Trail (marked "trail A") which will take you back to the starting point. Park information.
Start beach hike at northwest corner and head east

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