Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Fagin's Hike of the Week- Clay Creek

Updated: March 7, 2018

Just hiked this and there was 2" of new snow to start and by this weekend that snow should be gone. At the highest point there is about 2 feet of snow. We did not have snowshoes and with the warmer temperatures this weekend it would be a good idea to bring them. We have 2 routes one up and back which is suggested. The optional one requires real good navaition skills this takes you on an old trail not well defined.

Viewpoint (Mt. Rainier and White River) on the rock
Dennis enjoying lunch
Gated road walk with views
Optional Route on way back goes on old bushy unmarked trail
Starting point of this gated road walk Forest Service Rd. 6208, 

Driving Directions: From Enumclaw drive on State Highway 410 east drive past milepost marker 36 and park on the left and look for sign that says road 6208. The start of this is before you get to the small town of Greenwater.

Trail Directions and Track of the hike (thanks Dennis Long). T His is the preferred out Just follow the main road 6208 and you can go up to 5.5 miles one way to 2800 which is a 1400 foot gain. However you can hike less and still get great view. Bring Hancock permit for this hike.

Optional Route: You will need good navigation skills with GPS skills and this follows an old trail on the way back down. So you can do a loop . Here is that track. Again it is bushy with some snow. I would suggest not doing this way unless you have real good navigation skills.

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