Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Fagin's Hike of the Week- Bandera Mountain

No time to go to the summit, so we went to the ridge top, stopping just before there was solid snow.  To continue to the top through some  snow one  does not need snowshoes. Trekking poles were handy and some folks had micro-spikes.

View of Rainier from the ridge top

McClellan Butte
Just west of Bandera
Driving Directions: 
From Seattle drive east on I-90 to exit 45 (Forest Road 9030).
Drive north, then stay left on FR 9030.
About 1 mile from the freeway, stay left again, now on Mason Lake Road (FR 9031).
Park at about 3.9 miles from the freeway.

Trail Stats: At about 3 miles fork to left goes to Mason Lake. We took the fork north and uphill toward Bandera. We only went 3.30 miles. Here is track to the marked in red ridge top .  The top is about 4 miles one way and about 3400 foot gain.

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