Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fagin's Hike of the Week- Kachess Beacon

Updated May 12, 2016
Flowers and great views from the top. This was just hiked on May 2 via the short cut (see below).  I'm sure there is still some snow on the  trail along Silver Creek but the short cut does not have snow. I have included my photos from several weeks ago and also included some of the photos take by Karen Sykes in June 2013. Flowers are just coming out now.
View of Kachess Lake @ Michael Fagin 2016

View of Kachess Lake Mt Rainier- distance and thundershowers - time to head Down! @ Michael Fagin 2016
Hike out on ridge (towards NW) with George and Kachess Peak background @ Michael Fagin 2016

Flowers and rocks @ Karen Sykes 2013
Balsomroot @ Karen Sykes 2013
Lupine @ Karen Sykes 2013
Kachess Beacon @ Karen Sykes 2013
From FS 4818  turn right on an unmarked road with this reflector next to it Waypoint N47.15.976 W121.11.154@ 2260' Please note someone has removed this reflector.
Directions: From Seattle drive I-90 east and get off at Exit 70. Proceed over the freeway and turn left onto frontage road. Then turn right on FS Road 4818 (signed Kachess Dam Road). Stay on Road No. 4818 go less then one mile to an unsigned road junction, turn right-- on the tree there is a pink reflector (see photo above). Continue about 3/4 mile to the trailhead trail 1315 (Silver Creek) , elevation 2,368 feet (it is also the trailhead for Easton Ridge). Waypoints at Trailhead are N 47.16.03 W 121.10.28

Trail stats: 5.6 miles round-trip with about 2200 feet elevation gain. High point is at about 4584 feet. Hike 1.9 miles on trail 1315 to trail 1315.3 (Waypoint at junction are N 47.17.398 W 121.10.256 at 3743 feet) and to .9 mile hike to top.  Thanks to Bob for details.

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