Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fagin's Hike of the Week- Kelly Butte

Updated 3-4-2015

With the lack of snow this season you can drive within 1.25 miles of the summer trail. However with a high clearance truck you can drive to summer trail. Even with the extra road walk total miles roundtrip to Kelly Butte is close to 6 miles. Snowshoes are not needed traction for boots is helpful in a few  spots but much of the hike is snowfree. All photos Alan Bauer.

View of Mt. Stuart from top
On the way up, no snow much of the way
View from top cirrus and Mt. Rainier
Lunch time
Summer there is beargrass
Driving Directions:  Note you cannot get to summer trailhead unless you have a high clearance vehicle. About two miles past Greenwater, turn left from Highway 410 onto paved Forest Road 70. All mileage readings are from this junction. At 8 miles, turn left onto a road signed 7030 and an arrow. There is about 10 feet of pavement, then gravel. This section of 7030 has some washboard driving surface. At 8.3 miles cross a bridge and pass some campsites.
At 11.9 miles, come to a T and turn left, staying on unsigned 7030. (A right turn will take you toward Colhoquon and Pyramid Peak and PCT trailheads.) The rest of 7030 has a couple of steep sections and falling rock areas. At 12.4 miles go straight, not right and uphill.
At 13.1 miles turn right. At this time there is a sign that indicates that the road to the right is 7030; the road straight ahead is signed 7032.  Pass side roads at 13.6 and 14.1 miles. The rough road to the Kelly Butte “trailhead” is on your left at 14.4 miles from Highway 410.

Trail Stats Summer: 3.4 miles roundtrip and 1100 foot gain to top at 5409 feet

Disclaimer: There are many factors which you should consider in deciding whether to proceed with an outing, including the visible weather at the trailhead, the strength and experience of the party, snow and avalanche conditions, route conditions, etc. You are the final decision maker whether to proceed. West Coast Weather, LLC dba Washington Online Weather cannot be held liable for loss or injury arising from your decision to proceed, and expressly disclaims all liability related thereto. Redmond, Washington USA. Also, please bring map-compass and GPS to help with trail directions as our directions are our best estimate.

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