Friday, February 28, 2014

Fagin's Hike of the Week- Boise Waterfalls

Updated 1-28-2014

This little known hike takes some good map reading and use of GPS skills but is a nice little treasure just outside of Enumclaw.

Waterfalls is just a short hike in @ Michael Fagin
Directions: Please be aware this is a very hard trail to find. From Enumclaw drive Highway 410 east about 2 miles and on the right hand side you will find a big parking lot used primarily by horse back riders. Waypoint of where to park: N 47-11-03 W 121-55-32 1,020 feet. Then walk on overpass that goes to the north side of Highway 410. Make sure you have these waypoints or your will have a hard time finding trail. Also you will need Hancock permit to access. There are signs saying "Mills property" but we were told your Hancock permit is what you need. Walk on one of roads (there are several old unnamed ones) and about (and this is about) one mile to trail which is at  waypoint N 47-11-42 W 121-55-25 1,100 feet. Then hike about one mile to viewpoint of falls which is N 47-11-43 W 121-55-08 1,250 feet.

 For more details on the hike check this web site out.

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