Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hike of the week- Silver Peak

Updated: 10-1-2013
Silver Peak is located at Snoq Pass. You should do it soon before too much snow makes this difficult too to access. Please be advised there is new snow close to 4500 feet and above and perhaps 4 to 6 inches near the top now. However  with dry conditions this Thursday and Friday some (much?) of the snow will melt. Bring good boots and trekking poles. Thanks to Alan Bauer and Dennis Long for photos.
View of Mt. Rainier from the top of Silver Peak @ Dennis Long
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Below the summit taking a break @ Alan Bauer
Nice fall colors @ Alan Bauer
View of Annette Lake from the top @ Alan Bauer
Driving Directions: Drive east along I-90 to Exit 54 . At the first intersection (stop sign) located on the west side of I-90, continue straight (south). On the other side of the intersection, the road becomes known as Hyak Drive East and  the road winds through the Hyak ski area and then passes a wasterwater facility. Hyak Drive East becomes known as Forest Road 9070.. Continue following Forest Road 9070 until its intersection with the Pacific Crest Trail the PCT trail junction occurs approximately 5.5 miles from I-90, in a clearcut area at approximately 3800' elevation. The location of this trail junction is also known as Windy Pass.
Trail stats: 6.5 miles roundtrip.Hike south along the PCT for approximately 2.0 miles, until a faint trail leading uphill on the right side (west side). The trail junction is unofficially marked, but a large cairn is typically at the location.  Follow the unofficial trail west for approximately 0.6 miles, until reaching a saddle (~4720' elevation) located between Silver Peak and Tinkham Peak.  From the saddle, turn right (north) and follow the trail to and up the south ridge of Silver Peak. The trail traverses through forest and meadows, passing by a minor forested highpoint (~4900' elevation), before heading up the open talus south ridge of the mountain to the open rocky summit (5605' elevation).

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