Monday, July 15, 2013

KUOW Hike of the Week- Kelly Butte

Updated July 16, 2013

Restored lookout with wildflowers and views of Mt. Rainier. Shorter hike. Thanks Maria Lamarca Anderson for some of the photos.

Perched on top of Kelly Butte @ Photo Maria Lamarca Anderson

Bring your Green Trails Maps- One of the 10 essentials

Check out map 238 & 239  for this hike

Beargrass 100's of them  @ Maria Lamarca Anderson

@ Maria Lamarca Anderson

Flowers everywhere @ Maria Lamarca Anderson

Inside the lookout
View from trailhead of Mt Rainer
Driving Directions: About two miles past Greenwater, turn left from Highway 410 onto paved Forest Road 70. All mileage readings are from this junction. At 8 miles, turn left onto a road signed 7030 and an arrow. There is about 10 feet of pavement, then gravel. This section of 7030 has some washboard driving surface. At 8.3 miles cross a bridge and pass some campsites.
At 11.9 miles, come to a T and turn left, staying on unsigned 7030. (A right turn will take you toward Colhoquon and Pyramid Peak and PCT trailheads.) The rest of 7030 has a couple of steep sections and falling rock areas. At 12.4 miles go straight, not right and uphill.
At 13.1 miles turn right. At this time there is a sign that indicates that the road to the right is 7030; the road straight ahead is signed 7032.  Pass side roads at 13.6 and 14.1 miles. The rough road to the Kelly Butte “trailhead” is on your left at 14.4 miles from Highway 410.

Trail Stats: 3.4 miles roundtrip and 900 foot gain to top at 5409 feet

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