Monday, March 19, 2012

KUOW- Hike Federation Forest

Issued 3-20-2012
Hike with just patchy snow in the Federation Forest State Park off of Highway 410 east of Enumclaw.
Photo below is Michael Fagin standing next to old growth tree, photo by Alan Bauer

Check out Green Trails Maps for directions. Map for this week's trip is 238-Greenwater. Click link below for complete list of maps.http://

Photo below two hikers enjoying the view of the White River

Photo below is view to the south of the higher terrain, photo by Michael Fagin

Photo below is old growth forest, estimated age of trees 300 to 400 years old, photo by Alan Bauer

Photo below is view of very tall trees, photo by Michael Fagin

Photo below is a happy tree, notice the smile, photo by Michael Fagin

Photo below is signs on the trail system, photo by Michael Fagin

Driving Directions: From Enumclaw drive Highway 410 east about 18 miles. Parking is a half mile (west of) from milepost 41. Thus, you park .50 mile west of the summer entrance to the park. Need Discover Pass.

Trail Stats: Up to 12 miles to hike all of the flat trails. Elevation at about 1600 feet, elevation gain 100 feet. The best trail is the that goes east close to the White River. Always bring map and compass and or GPS. Directions are our best estimate.
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