Wednesday, June 1, 2011

7 to 10 day weather trends for the NW

The map below is the 500 mb chart (for about 19,000 feet) for Saturday June 11. Notice the strong trough of low pressure off the Washington Coast and this frankly looks more like a winter type of pattern. This is the general pattern that we will have for some of June, cool and wet. However for this weekend Saturday June 4 through Monday June 6 we should have a period of some warm temperatures and dry conditions. For Seattle for the month of May precipitation was 180% of normal and temperatures were 3.5 F degrees below normal. Looks like June will follow this pattern.

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karen said...

Tell me it ain't so!!


Michael Fagin said...

However, this Friday afternoon and weekend will be warm and sunny

Craig said...

good year to be exploring Eastern Washington!

Michael Fagin said...

Good thing your new book will cover this

If Only said...

There' too much water in the air. Even when it is "clear" there is a layer of upper atmosphere "cloud". I see it but I can't find any info about it.

Also where is the tie-in to solar cycle issues? Less energy less cycle change...where can I find out about this? On this science seems to be in agreement that we're looking at years of solar quiescence.