Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Extended Outlook- New Contest

Winner of the last contest for guessing how much snowfall would occur at Sea Tac Airport was Frank L, his guess of 15.7 inches of snowfall from 12-15-08 till 1-15-09 was the winning guess. Actual snowfall was 16.1 inches. Frank will win the Tubbs Men’s Couloir Mountaineer snowshoe donated by K2 Sports Donated by K2 Sports We announced the winner today since it will be dry for the next several days with temperatures above freezing for Sea Tac.

New Contest
This next contest will involve forecasting the temperatures and precipitation for two cities each week over a 11 week period. One of the cites will be from the West Coast the other will be a city not in the west but will be in the United States. To assist you we will provide links with the average temperatures and precipitation and links for forecasts from other sources.
Barometric Weather Forecaster by Honeywell.

Click here for picture of this station
Real-time temperature and humidity readings and minimum/maximum temperature histories at the base unit. It also features weather-trend graphics that depict 12- to 24-hour forecasts, a barometric pressure graph, programmable high/low temperature and ice alarms.

Need to enter by 1-26-09 and fill out form on this site or take content from this pate and email to address below
Click here for link to sign up
Or you can email to

Main forecast page is
Click here for link for information

Extended Forecast:
Forecast models indicate a return to cooler conditions starting next Tuesday as a trough of low pressure drops down from the north to bring freezing levels down to about 4000 feet. The wildcard at this point is precipitation as the models continue light amounts of precipitation. Lower confidence in this extended forecast especially as it relates to precipitation

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