Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fagin's Hike of the Week- Burroughs Mountain

Updated  Thursday 8-5-2016

This hike is started at Sunrise Visitor Center Mt Rainier National Park. We did a loop going to Frozen Lake first and then on the north side of First Burroughs and there were several small snow crossings that were not an issue. We went as far as  Second Burroughs.
View from Second Burroughs @ Alan Bauer
Magenta Paintbrush @ Alan Bauer

View down to Berkley Park @ Alan Bauer

Golden-mantled ground squirrel @ Alan Bauer

Mom goat and baby- keep distance @ Maria Lamarca Anderson
Hoary Marmot @ Alan Bauer

Driving Directions
From Enumclaw, drive east 43 miles on State Route 410 to the Mount Rainier National Park White River Entrance. Go up to the Sunrise Road and and park at the large parking lot and visitor center.
Trail Stats: About 6.18miles roundtrip . Directions are our best estimates. We did this hike counterclockwise. Start at Sunrise and hike up the hill towards Sourdough Mt and once on top  go towards Frozen Lake. At the junction at the lake you can go either to the Fremont Lookout or to Burroughs. We went First and Second Burroughs. If you have the time Third Burroughs is a great option. On the return towards the Shadow Lake and camp and continued back to the parking lot.

Do not feed animals

If you encounter a goat here are some suggestions http:// >

Disclaimer: There are many factors which you should consider in deciding whether to proceed with an outing, including the visible weather at the trailhead, the strength and experience of the party, snow and avalanche conditions, route conditions, etc. You are the final decision maker whether to proceed. West Coast Weather, LLC dba Washington Online Weather cannot be held liable for loss or injury arising from your decision to proceed, and expressly disclaims all liability related thereto. Redmond, Washington USA. Also, please bring map-compass and GPS to help with trail directions as our directions are our best estimate.

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